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Common Ground Campus

What is Common Ground Campus?

During the most divisive time ever in our history, ‘Common Ground Campus’ blazes a path toward restoring civility by hosting unique events. It replaces contentious debate with bridging the divide. Powerful communication and dynamic collaboration are our key elements. This is a revolutionary game changer for society.

“Common Ground Campus” will ignite the desire, reflect value, and generate opportunities to segue as a launching pad for your organization to Bridge the Divide through cross-branding, advertising, and promotions.

 Our Mission 


WATCH: Brent Hamachek Explains Success of Innovative New Campus Discourse Format
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 “This was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this.

This needs to happen on every college campus in the country!” 

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How does it Work

How Does it Work?

As part of the Common Ground experience, free swag and pizza will be provided to participants, along with a chance to be advised by contestant mentor Brent Hamachek, a best-selling author and national sales keynote speaker. You will learn to amplify your voice letting it radiate beyond your current audience.

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Our Participants

Our Participants
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